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1 Voice Box has a number of great new features that are important to know about.
Some of these are visible from the Doctor's Desktop. 

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2 Proof Readers working on your dictation files now have the ability to Reject dictation files. Rejections occur if. 
1. The sound quality is too poor to transcribe, or
2. If patient details are incomplete, or
3. If recipient details are not added. 

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3 Here a list of Proof Reader Rejected Records will appear for Doctor's correction.
You will need to review the attached note from the Proof Reader to understand the reason for the rejection. 

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4 Let's return to the Dashboard. 

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5 All Proof Reader Rejected Letters are reviewed by senior Voice Box Editors. 
Rejected Letters incur a transcription fee. 
Doctors can Reject the Proof Reader Rejection if they disagree with the reason, in which case the Editor will contact the doctor. 

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6 Other new features are included in My Record. 

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7 Lets start by clicking here to review this Record

Step 7 image

8 Note that details for this dictation record are now compressed with concertina tabs on the left. 

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9 Click on the Info tab to open the field. 

Step 9 image

10 Here information about the transcription, and billing is reported.
Click on the concertina tab to compress this field. 

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11 You can click here to open the Patient field. 

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12 Note that gender is now recorded for patients as a mandatory field. Please clarify this for patients when gender may not be obvious to proof readers. 
Click on the concertina tab to compress this field. 

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13 Now click here to open the Recipients field. 

Step 13 image

14 Here recipient and delivery details are recorded. 
Delivery status is tracked by Voice Box Editors, and delivery errors are corrected. 
Click on the concertina tab to compress this field. 

Step 14 image

15 Rejections can be made by doctors if Voice Box does not meet our Service Level Agreement of 98% accuracy. 
Remember that the dictation sound file is the final arbiter, so please review this prior to rejecting a transcript. 

Step 15 image

16 To review the sound file, click Recording concertina tab. 

Step 16 image

17 Use the buttons to play back sound file to review your dictation. 

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18 Please note that if you have not edited a transcription letter within 14 days, you will NOT be able to reject it
Our proof readers are paid for their work, a maximum of 14 days after transcription is submitted. 

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19 Finally, remember that as soon as you approve a letter, it will be automatically sent using Voice Box Intelligent Transcription's electronic secure messaging or fax. 

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20 That's it. You're done. Please remember to review the new updates for the mobile apps too! 

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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