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1 To add a new doctor to your tenancy, or group practice, select Doctors on the side bar

Step 1 image

2 Then click Add New

Step 2 image

3 Enter the Doctor's email carefully. New doctors will be notified via this email of their new subscription to Voice Box

Step 3 image

4 Add in Doctor's Details

Step 4 image

5 Ensure that the Provider Number is correctly entered, as this will be included on all correspondence,

Step 5 image

6 Add Practice Address here

Step 6 image

7 Click Save to complete the process. 

Step 7 image

8 Now you need to invite the doctor to register. Do this by clicking Send Invitation. 
The new doctor will be able to log in using their email and set a password. 
This page also allows you to reset a doctor's password, if needed. 

Step 8 image

9 Now the process is completed.

Step 9 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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