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1 After registering, return to the home page and click Log in

Step 1 image

2 Sign in using your Username

Step 2 image

3 And Password

Step 3 image

4 now Click Login

Step 4 image

5 When you enter for the first time, you will see the warnings to complete the set-up. Click here to update your profile

Step 5 image

6 Enter Phone Number

Step 6 image

7 Enter Fax Number

Step 7 image

8 Enter your Secure Messaging Address. At the moment Voice Box works with Argus and Referral Net. Make sure that the correct address is added. Through this link your completed letters get automatically filed in your own practice software.

Step 8 image

9 Scroll down and click Update

Step 9 image

10 Add your practice logo, by uploading an image file. This will be used in formatting your letterhead.

Step 10 image

11 Choose the appropriate document image 

Step 11 image

12 Click Submit

Step 12 image

13 Next, if required, activate secure messaging for your Voice Box profile, by clicking Enable ReferralNet

Step 13 image

14 Then click Update and that's it. You're done.

Step 14 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

start iorad content - don't remove it